About this project One legendary street. Ten unexpected stories. Anything could happen.

K' Rd Stories cracks open the surface of life on Karangahape Road, revealing diverse cultures and unique voices.

Set on New Zealand’s most iconic street this collection of short films - by some of New Zealand’s most creative filmmakers - explores the uncommon, the contrasting, and the crazy.

The films premiered along an innovative screening trail on Karangahape Road in conjunction with First Thursdays on December 3rd, 2015. K Rd Stories sneaks a peek at the people and places that make this neighbourhood so infamous - and so beloved.

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Bound Written & Directed by James Solomon The streets are dangerous at night but not as dangerous as the bedroom. WATCH NOW
Director's Quote

“This film was a chance to do a ‘chamber piece’ with two actors on their own in a room. This is a budget conscious way to make great drama but this approach can have the pitfall of theatricality, so the challenge was to make a dialogue heavy film that didn’t feel ‘stagey’.

The solution to this was partly a strong visual and musical style of retro colour washes and synth music that helped to clarify the distinction between fantasy role play and reality. And which was really great fun to do.

In terms of content the film is a response to the depiction of BDSM in cinema, which can tend to take fantasies literally (a la ’50 Shades of Grey’) or in the case of much of the erotic thriller genre, not admit that the violent sexual assaults and various forms of bondage depicted are meant to be titillating for the viewer.

Not only is this dubious from an ethical point of view but it misses the most interesting part of kinky sex which is that normal people are entering into private acting performances and are continually having to negotiate boundaries and consent. This to me has far more drama and interest than Christian Grey."

Behind the scenes
Cast Suzi Morgan Albrecht Edward Jash McKenzie Crew producer Morgan Leigh Stewart witer / director James Solomon director of photography Alexander Jenkins 1st assistant camera Leigh Elford gaffer Matthew Thomas sound recordist Joel Brodrick art director Olivia Cairns Morrison makeup artist Enisa Kartal editor Gareth Van Niekerk
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