About this project One legendary street. Ten unexpected stories. Anything could happen.

K' Rd Stories cracks open the surface of life on Karangahape Road, revealing diverse cultures and unique voices.

Set on New Zealand’s most iconic street this collection of short films - by some of New Zealand’s most creative filmmakers - explores the uncommon, the contrasting, and the crazy.

The films premiered along an innovative screening trail on Karangahape Road in conjunction with First Thursdays on December 3rd, 2015. K Rd Stories sneaks a peek at the people and places that make this neighbourhood so infamous - and so beloved.

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Put Your Hands Together, Please Written & Directed by Jane Sherning Warren When a conflicted young artist offends her pretentious boyfriend after he steals the limelight at their joint exhibition she is chased only to be saved by a protective drag queen with a pool cue. WATCH NOW
Director's Quote

“Nearly everything about Put Your Hands Together, Please is true.

Every statement made by the hipsters in the opening sequences is a genuine quote from a real artist, alive or dead (some of them hugely famous) – a little massaged sometimes to make the whole thing feel like a conversation.

It really is true that people in their early- to mid-twenties think they’re that important, and think they know that much. I really did get chased by a boyfriend and saved by a drag queen with a pool cue. He wasn’t my dad, though.

It’s also true that artists are nothing without an audience... so, thank you, all, from the bottom of our collective hearts. You make what we do worthwhile.”

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Cast Arlette Morgan Albrecht Kanwar Paul Fagamalo Stanley Tim Raby Bex Chye Ling Huang Noah Ban Abdul Everet Georgia Bowker Archie Ally Xue Howard Stephen Lunt Cici Rebekah Palmer Davorin Ryan Dulieu Crew witer / director / editor Jane Sherning Warren producer Craig Gainsborough-Waring producer Morgan Waru casting director Ramon de Trincheria 1st assistant director Ramon de Trincheria production assistant Grayson de Vries 2nd assistant director Scott Boswell director of photography Simon Raby 1st assistant camera Michael Engelbrecht stills photographer Lane Worrell sound Ande Shurr makeup artist Celeste Strewe drag makeup Julie Clark wardrobe Rachael Elspeth Elder art director Lane Worrell editor Richard Shaw
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